English translation:

You just smiled

While walking backwards

Walking away from the person you dreamed of

Counted every step

Until you turned around

And went to a new direction
*prompted by a tv drama scene I watched last night. It is about accepting that some love stories never get to be told because they will never happen. You just go on happily, knowing that it will be part of your life, of your person, because that’s just how life is.

© Kristel Rose and http://www.kristelrose.wordpress.com, 2017.

I just finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Burried Giant last week, and the novel deeply touched my heart. The themes of forgetting, remembering, and forgiving gave me a few days of reflection about my relationships with the significant persons in my life. So, I made a poem, about choosing to remember and accept that people make mistakes, and we all have our own share of imperfection.

© Kristel Rose and http://www.kristelrose.wordpress.com, 2016.

Sometimes I just stop writing, because I simply cannot find ways to articulate myself. They say it is normal, but normally frustrating. It is knowing that there are tons of things going on in your head and you know there are no words that could suffice to express them. The frustration is more extreme when I know that sooner or later I will forget everything, the joy, the sadness, the excitement, the eureka moment and all that is in between. Everything will simply fade away… just like this…




on tiptoe
she walks down
with uncertain steps
and no style
trying not to break
the thin glass floor
that’s cold and fragile
resting beneath her feet
she knew it
she saw it
this long,
scary night

© Kristel Rose and http://www.kristelrose.wordpress.com, 2016.

It’s about Taylor Swift. I love her, no matter what.

Sweat to Sweat


Droplets of our sweat
So tiny and clear
Gathering up in multitude
To become an endless ocean
Where we will swim
Where we will drown
To savor the bliss
To devour the pleasure
Of us
Of each other
Skin to skin
Sweat to sweat

© Kristel Rose and http://www.kristelrose.wordpress.com, 2016.

The photo that I used as background for my poem is not mine. To see the site where I got the photo, please click this link.



I’m so sorry
I lacked trust
In you
In me
In us

I’m so sorry
I was empty
Of happiness
Of magic
Of life

I’m so sorry
I stepped back
From the past
From now
From our future

All I had was sorry
Fear and anguish
Sorry and sorry
And another sorry
Me and my worries

But I was more sorry
Because you stood up
Wrapped me in your arms
Kissed my lips so warm
Showered me with love

You brushed them off
All the sorry
In my head
In my heart

Now I see again
Sunshine in my sky
© Kristel Rose and http://www.kristelrose.wordpress.com, 2016.