I can’t think of any
For there’s so many
A mess of clutter
I don’t know what matters
Do I need to come clean?
I don’t even know what I mean
There’s so much that bothers
My mind is already smothered
Floating and waiting
In a pool of wailing 
I just can’t help but be madder
I’m becoming the mad hatter


NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 23: Sa Gitna ng Kamatayan


Another off prompt and late post for NaPoWriMo.
Sa Gitna ng Kamatayan (In the Midst of Death) was written during the time of confusion and desperation to escape from a system of wear and tear. It’s a point in life when I realized that we are living in a system that really kills the ‘human’ in us. The graveyard where we live is not easily seen because we are so engrossed with material things and false symbols of accomplishment that the media has been feeding us ever since. We are so much engrossed that we forget to search for what really satisfies the soul.


You tried to search
something beautiful
something worthy
from the endless ocean
of your mind.

From a cliff so steep
you jumped
with hopes so high
to find what is
in the air
in between.

So much
for the high
of discovery
you tried to count
every second
before midnight.

A mile
turned to an inch
only to satisfy
your ever present hunger
all for a precious find.

The need is so much
you dread it most
to end the search
even you know
deep in your soul
it will never come.

pumasok sa pantasya
nilundag ang talon
tumahan sa dulo ng bahaghari

hindi matuldukan
ang saya ng araw
ayaw alamin
ang kapalit
ng paglisan
sa mundong kay pait

nakatitig, naka-kuba
naghihintay na may dumating
dito sa mundong
ikaw lang ang nakababatid