The morning kissed me
A lovely view, my soul can’t froget
Dead leaves slowly falling 
Gracefully dancing to their death
Invisible waves they make with the air
Falling to the ground 
Against the warm soft rays 
The soothing beauty of the morning sun

The moment sings again
The air has its voice 
As the trees sway
Friction creates a melody
As the leaves brush with each other
Their brown, golden bodies
Sing to me more

I want to capture
This ancient beauty 
Store it in this flat metal
But your beauty
So grand, wide
No manmade will ever contain

I’ll just be me, myself
Like the early men who lived
Immersed in this moment
Sitting and watching you 
A wonder and mystery

© Kristel Rose and, 2017.


Bibig na nakatikom
Wala namang busal
Susuka ng mga ugong
Masangsang na mga salita
Lahat ipupukol
Sentro sa gitna
Sa diwa ng pagkatao

Pero bibig ay tikom
Walang busal
Walang takip
May boses
Hindi marinig
Dahil bibig ay tikom
Bawat letrang niluwal ay sukat
Sa itinurong tama at dapat

© Kristel Rose and, 2017.

​Fetch me a bucket of stories
And shower me with every kind of tales
Which all the pores of my skin will sip
They will be buried in the core of my bones
I will be moved as my whole being shivers
Until I can no longer breathe
And you will just watch me with two wide eyes
As my earthly body explodes
Turning into an endless ocean of stardust
Where you can drown and be one with me

© Kristel Rose and, 2017.

NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Entry #7

Lying flat on the concrete floor
With all your dreams scattered around
Like glitters that sparkle from afar
You live around them
You shine with them
But then you just lay flat
You are not even your dream yet
Not even a bit of it yet
And just went on
Lying on the concrete floor

© Kristel Rose and, 2017.

NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2017 Entry # 5

Little by little the sun rays making waves
Running and rushing down to the ground
Where we stand with dreamlike stares
The horizon is aglow, burning, sparkling
Our souls are racing out from our eyes
Heading towards the less travelled path
With our bodies drenched out of blood
We walk back to the place of buildings and blocks
Hollowed, lifeless, hopeless, and dreamless

Inspired by a video clip I watched about how the dictates of society rob us of our creativity and dreams.
© Kristel Rose and, 2017.