Kristel Rose Poetry

This is a blog site where I post my poems and, probably in the future, other forms of writing. Some of my works are in English, while some are in Filipino. I write in both language, because I follow the internal dialogue in my mind when it comes to poetry. Sometimes the words arise in English, sometimes in Filipino. As much as I can, I try to make poems to be a reflection of my authentic self by not succumbing to rules or what sounds right. I try to project my feelings, thoughts, and the images in my mind through poetry, and not just merely doing some word play. The poems posted here are sincerely crafted from the heart and soul.
The poems posted here are more of an extension of my inner world, and these poems are me. They reflect me and I also reflect them. I believe that a poems should connect people to each other, and it should also evoke a new sense of experience to the reader. As you read them, I wish to connect to you and to give you a sense of how things could be from someone else.

-Kristel Rose

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