NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 19: Guide for Girls on Walking in The Woods

The photo above is not mine. It can be found here.

First you have to be born
To be born means to live
Be carefree, be naive

Then go chase a dream
Believe you can succeed
But never knew you had to bleed

The next step is to glide
On the icy sheets of luck
There are bumps but never get stuck

Go march out of the cold
Don’t mind your sore soles
Just be prepared on a path of burning coals

On your way you’ll meet a lot
Who will sell you tons of lies
Better be careful of their disguise

Somehow you can be lucky
To make friends along the way
Or find love that won’t decay

Oh but please, e’er check your map
Things like love could run so wild
Perturbations should never be compiled

If you think you’re halfway through
Be on guard, there’s so much more
Rain can be bad when it is decided to pour

There is failure you will find
It will scratch you deep and wide
Drown you down in a flood tide

Betrayal is also waiting for his turn
To snatch your feet as you aim to fly
And laugh at you as you ask “why?”

And death is just lurking around
Taking lives to cut into gores
Could be your pet’s, grandma’s or yours

But just go on and walk along
Run or jump if you want to
Beautiful things are also on queue

Remember the road is rough
For it was never made to be pleasing
But it expands your soul and you become thriving

For the 19th day of NaPoWriMo, the prompt is to write a didactic, a type of “poetry that explicitly sought to instruct the reader in some kind of skill or knowledge, whether moral, philosophical, or practical.”

© Kristel Rose and, 2016


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 19: Guide for Girls on Walking in The Woods

  1. I love how the content of this poem is so contrasting to the title. At first I thought I would be reading a silly poem about walking in the roads, but this poem actually ends up having way more depth and the way you’ve personified death and betrayal, just so poignant. Amazing job!


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