NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 17: On the day she left


On the day she left
All colors began to fade
Achromatism at its best
Black and white
My only friends

On the day she left
I saw my soul flew away
Withdrew from everyone
Stayed in the shadow
Played with the id

On the day she left
Anomie is what I became
Fear of freedom was consuming
Determinism enraged me
Depression entered in

On the day she left
I knew it was the death
Of a life entwined to her
Of a layer so close to my soul
Of a reality that was never there

On the day she left
My actual self was exposed
Naked and so cold
Freezing hard I just can’t move
Fight or flight, I just can’t choose

On the day she left
There’s an ending I had to narrate
A new beginning I had to declare
A persona that needs to be worn
Catharsis has to be savored

It’s the 17th day of NaPoWriMo! The prompt is to find at least 10 words from a specialized dictionary and write a poem that incorporates them. I chose the dictionary of psychology because, well, do I really have to go far? I have one on my shelf and several on my e-book list, and I use them a lot for work and graduate school.

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9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 17: On the day she left

  1. I love the repeated refrain & title, “on the day she left.” It had me thinking of the day my sister died as well as the day my mom died. So sad, but there’s always hope.


    • I’m glad you appreciated it Linda. Experiencing the death of our loved ones is inevitable, and yes it is sad. But then again, you’re right because there is always hope and we must cling tight to it.

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  2. Wonderful and very touching write, it feels very relatable. I like that these words that you picked are not over-bearing, but really help depict the sorrow we all, eventually, feel. I also appreciate the wisdom of your closing lines, that catharsis must be savoured, that it takes time to heal.


    • Hi Oloriel! I am grateful you appreciated this poem. Yes, healing requires time and in that time of healing we can learn more about who we are and who we are not, especially if the emotional wound is made by the separation from someone very familiar to us.


  3. This touched my soul. I’m from a psychology background too so the words used (from the dictionary) hit more on the truth than ever for me. It takes a really long time to heal from emotional pain and the whole process in itself is so tough.

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