NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 16


It is always sunny and hot
In this place of fields 
and sugar cane
Wild flowers on the corner
Cosmos and Zinnia everywhere

Everyday you can race
Run for the dragonfly
Or run from the bees
At night you’ll choose to sit
Enjoy the fireflies become fairies

All the houses are bungalow
Built with hollow blocks
All painted in white
On their fences you’ll see
Hanging orchids are bowing free

It’s a habit by almost everyone
Waking up earlier than the sunrise 
Be greeted by fog and morning dew
Others just sit to sip from a cup
Others sweep to gather leaves up

No notable kind from animalia
Just stray dogs that visit every home
Stray cats making observations
Also some sparrows that tresspass
On your roof is where they build their homes

It’s a place where dreams start to sprout
Chidlren dream more than flying their kites
Parents hope of good life for their youngs
New couples look forward to forever
A single lady is on her way to see more

When the time came for me to leave
I took nothing but all the memories
From my first day and first night
Until the end point that marks goodbye
I just sat and prayed,
Thank you Lord for this wonderful place.


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