NaPoWriMo 2016 Entry # 9

Spending my weekend in an internet free place, my 9th NaPoWriMo post turns out to be late and off prompt. This poem, Ang Kaluluwang Ligaw (The Lost Soul), was written after talking to an old friend who stumbles everyday about what to believe in life. Just like this friend, I also come face to face with the same struggle from time to time, thus making this poem easier to write. In this life full of mysteries and riddles, we can’t sometimes help but become lost.


English translation:
A lost soul
Thirsts for the truth
It can’t know
It can’t cross
The beat of the wind is its dance
Just goes with the flow until it fades

A lost soul
Screams without sound
Just stands around there
And in imagination
It’s hard to see
Because it occupies nothing

A lost soul
Pale when you look at
Filled with questions
Beaten by riddles
Its life has no clarity
In light, why can’t it be dazzled?


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