The Breakup

I never thought friendship breakup would be this hard and messy. This is for a friend, once loved and still loved.


It’s past months the last time I met your eye

I have no clear view of what’s going on in your life

Merely holding guesses feels not right

A need to reach to you eats me alive


The distance feels so wide

It makes my heart limp and tied

Memories of us still feel warm

Who would’ve thought there’s an upcoming alarm?


As a daughter of regret and haunted dreams

I always get lost in millions of what ifs

Walking around and burdened with guilt

Jumping and wading in a basin of tears


Sometimes as I stride

I see images of you in my mind

Feeling you holding my arm

Hearing both your sob and your laugh


We never wanted this

Far from the familiarity we built for years

Wounded and pained by sting of words and games

We never wished, but we chose this


 As much as I wanted to keep you around

I know the floor would break if I run after you

The bridge left between us is so fine

It would easily break with just one single gentle blow


Now we’re apart

I am surely left with a hurting heart

At times I wish you would miss me, too

But most of the time, I pray you would be stronger, too


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