The Bully

Gone are your days of glory

Blurred out by your arrogance

Ridiculed because of your ignorance


You used to shout your splendor,

Bragged your charm,

Boasted your overestimated beauty


Your habit of nitpicking,

Your love for seeing others suffer,

Your desire to standout amidst your fellows’ inherent flaws,

They already dug deep a pit, fit for you


You loved to dance, tuned by blind people’s awe

Yearned to shine livelier than the sun,

Struggled to live like a breathtaking nymph

Now you crawl on earth way better than a maggot


After attempts to get high

Putting weak people below your feet

Greedily reached the star but was scorched

Alas your pretentious bright colors turned coal!


With your ashes widespread across your dreams

I sit in contentment while sipping a drink

Reminiscing your cruelty in victory

Heartlessly smiling in your golden defeat


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