Farewell in Desperation

In a dream

I saw your face

That meek sight

Oh heavenly gaze!


Same old scene

Of you and I

Face to face

Our adoring eyes!


Hearts were one

And desire was never gone

But cowardice was a song

We tend to hum along


Our mouths never spoke

Of an open admiration or two

Like a thief we do it quick

Stolen glances are forever to keep


No chance is left

For us to utter the words

Those long awaited words

Were destined to tie us two


But our story won’t go far

No tomorrow to face

No right to be ever told

It is just better to say goodbye


So for this farewell

Let me take a last look

Of that precious face

An angel has taken me so light


Even if forever is the distance

Keeping us far from each other’s sight

In the days near my death

It will occur to me again that we once met.


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